COVID & PPP - 11/28/20

It's the holiday season and we're nearing year-end. If you haven't already, think about solidifying company COVID policies and understanding PPP forgiveness/deductibility. These are complex topics that significantly impact your business, so don't be afraid to ask for help!

What's your number? - 11/14/20

You've heard of metrics or KPIs, but have you decided which you can use to drive your business toward your goals? You need to know your number(s) and take action to get those numbers where they need to be.

Understanding CCC - 10/31/20

Cash Conversion Cycle is a metric used to understand how long it takes investments in inventory and products into cash. Learn more about CCC and how to use this metric to manage your business in this video.

Understand your lease. - 10/24/20

This week I'll help you understand a few key lease terms and negotiating points. There's a lot more to consider, but these will get you headed in the right direction!

Don't be a rookie, segregate those costs. - 10/17/20

Cost segregation is a tool used by savvy real estate investors to accelerate depreciation and create "paper" losses. Let's take a quick look at what cost segregation is.

What the heck is EBITDA? - 10/10/20

You've probably heard the term EBITDA, but do you know how to calculate it? Why would you want to know it? This week, we explore the term and a few of its uses.

It's all about the margins, baby! - 10/3/20

This week's video is all about gross profit, gross margins, net income, and profit margins. 

Make the right decisions and have the right conversations so that you keep money flowing and the business growing!

Value your time, pay yourself! - 9/26/20

Kyle discusses the importance of valuing your time before pricing a product or service.


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Simple Product Costing - 9/23/20

Check out this video and learn the importance of understanding overhead costs, which ultimately will help you get paid for the time you spend working hard! Also, learn what a WAG is and why I prefer to SWAG instead of WAG.


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